M. Ostermeier  |  Still  |  TCH07  |  March 24, 2015  |  digipak

m. ostermeier : electronics - acoustics - piano
recorded : baltimore md usa
photography : m. ostermeier

Still is M. Ostermeier's first album in four years. The album features his poignant and at times avant-garde piano style mixed with the spare use of electronics and processed acoustic recordings. Empty space and minimalism figure heavily in Still's compositions, making for a stark and reflective album.

stasis (5.31)
division (6.10)
hang (1.33)
counterpoise (5.20)
new lights (3.07)
congruence (2.34)
inertia (7.19)
parity (3.30)


A brilliantly composed album. A magnificent contemplation that both expands and remains consistent with his prior work.
Tome to the Weather Machine

Streamlined, modern, and organic. Think Frank Lloyd Wright or Frank Gehry set to music. It is subtly bold, but equally unobtrusive with a real sense of stillness (apt given the title). The balance that is struck should appeal equally to fans of both electroacoustic ambient and modern classical music.
Stationary Travels

As gorgeous as you'd expect, ye fans of John Cage and Max Richter.
Norman Records

How still do you like your stillness to be? — A Closer Listen

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