Marcus Fischer  |  Collected Dust  |  TCH05  |  Jan 2012  |  digipak

marcus fischer: all sounds + images
recorded: portland or usa

Marcus Fischer is a musician and multimedia artist currently based in Portland, Oregon. Field recordings, chance, and DIY instruments, coupled with acoustic instrumentation and visual art, define what has become his minimal signature. His uncanny ability to sculpt delicate beauty from the simplest of sound elements results in compositions that are both intimate and expansive.

From January 2009 through January 2010, Marcus kept a blog called Dust Breeding to document the results of his goal to complete one creative project a day for 365 days. These projects included photographs, field recordings, design, illustration, sewing, videos, DIY electronics experiments and music. He reached his goal of one full year of daily entries and has continued to add entries over the last few years, though less frequently.

Each piece on Collected Dust first appeared in its original form on Dust Breeding. After being selected for this collection by M. Ostermeier, each piece was updated and refined further by Marcus. The patient, relflective, and peaceful style found on Collected Dust's seven tracks inhabits a space somewhere near that of his debut CD for 12k, Monocoastal, which landed on many best-of-2010 lists, and his recent In a Place of Such Graceful Shapes collaboration with Taylor Deupree, who mastered this recording.

constant   (4.51)
nearly there   (6.12)
cold days   (4.52)
halfway to six   (13.36)
span   (4.56)
wires on carpet   (5.31)
sixteen shapes   (6.43)

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Confirms Fischer's reputation as one of the most innovative and thought-provoking artists on the experimental ambient scene. — Fluid Radio

Helps to further establish Fischer's reputation as a sound sculptor of rarefied sensitivity. — Textura

There's a lot of people doing this electro acoustic type thing but this chap's work stands head and shoulders above the rest. — Norman Records

Electronic constructions of great beauty and purity. I am very much impressed. — Monsieur Délire

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Selected Discography:

     Arctic/Antarctic (Luxus-Artica, 2010)
     Monocoastal (12k, 2010)
     Rivers Home - Willamette River (Flaming Pines, 2011)
     Collected Dust (Tench, 2012)

     Devin Underwood + Marcus Fischer
          Correspond (Distance Recordings, 2011)
     Taylor Deupree + Marcus Fischer
          In a Place of Such Graceful Shapes (12k, 2011)