The Green Kingdom  |  Incidental Music  |  TCH03  |  September 2012  |  digipak

michael cottone: all sounds
recorded: shelby township mi usa
photography: russell burden

The heart of Incidental Music is the acoustic guitar: melodies, chords, drones, and percussive sounds sometimes used in a straightforward manner, while at other times abstracted and manipulated to beautiful effect. Upon this foundation the palette of sounds expands quietly to include various small acoustic instruments and vinyl samples.

The result is an album more reserved and patient than any in The Green Kingdom's repertoire. These minimal themes serve as an apt score to the small scenes occurring around us all the time. An audio accompaniment for a spontaneous still life, no matter how seemingly insignificant. Something for those stolen moments when we stop and appreciate the beauty of minutia in the often unseen world all around us.

Incidental Music was mastered by M. Ostermeier.

Photography by Russell Burden.

three friends of winter   (4.05)
backyard epiphany   (4.24)
over treetops   (6.29)
cherry theme   (3.11)
slow bloom   (5.01)
green theme   (2.40)
flotation theme   (6.36)
rshda   (3.08)
whispered through pines   (4.07)

The finished recordings are only to be described as magnificent. The understated nature of this record, as noted previously, paradoxically results in an album that cannot be ignored. — Futuresequence

One of the most relaxing albums we've heard in a while. — A Closer Listen

The moments frozen on Incidental Music are the sleep-induced extra five minutes of sleep at the weekend, the melodic birdsong in the trees. — Fluid Radio

A new great addition to The Green Kingdom discography. — Derives

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